All equipment in our kitchen is carefully selected and our hope is that everyone from food enthusiasts to experienced chefs will find what they need to cook a lovely meal here. If you are missing something or if something doesn't seem right or is broken, please let us know so we can replace it. 

Espresso Coffee Machine 
Lift lid on the top of the coffee machine. Fill the water container by lifting it out of the machine and fill it under the tap. Replace the water container and check that it has been correctly inserted.  
Turn on the machine and wait until the gauge reaches a maximum of 1.5 bar. 
Grind coffee in the filter container by pressing the container in towards the black button under the mill. Use the press to press the coffee. Fill to the line or according to your own preference. 
Turn the filter holder in the coffee machine so that it is firmly attached.  
Place a cup on the grill under the filter holder. 
Move the black switch on the right upward and coffee will begin to flow.  

Taste, and enjoy your espresso.