Hot tub

All you have to do to use the hot tub is to fold the lid back. Make sure that all bathers have showered and washed off make-up, soap and perfume before bathing. 
 You can control the bubbles and lighting by using the panel at the edge of the bath. 

Avoid dipping your head in the water and use a hat when bathing in cold weather. Once you have finished bathing put the lid back on using the red lever on the left hand side, be careful not to force it! 

In order to prevent accidents never allow children to use the hot tub without the supervision of an adult.  
Never leave the lid open without supervision and make sure the lid is closed when the tub is not being used. 
Do not use any electronic equipment near the tub. Always check the water temperature before entering the tub. A temperature of 37,5 degrees Celsius is recommended for adults and pre set for this tub. 
Those with heart problems, high or low bloodpressure, diabetes or those taking prescription medication should not bath at temperatures exceeding 38 degrees Celsius. Obtain advice from your obstetrician. Due to health reasons, bathes should not exceed 20 minutes in length. 

Important, as you close the lid back pull the red lever on the left hand side, DON'T FORCE IT.
Out of consideration for other guests, it is prohibited to use the hot tub after 23.00 

In order to ensure the quality of the water, a weekly control is conducted by Åre Byservice on Sundays and Thursdays. Bathing contrary to instructions provided that leads to a change of water and / or repairs will be charged a fee of SEK 5000 kr + taxes.

Quick guide;  
Make sure that all bathers have showered. 
Use the hot tub before 23.00 
Do not stay in the hot tub more than 20 min. 
Close the lid carefully

Enjoy relaxing your muscles among the bubbles! 



It is forbidden to use the hot tub after 11 pm. Violations may be charged.

Wrongful use of the hot tub that leads to change of water/ repairs will be charged a fee of SEK 5000 kr + taxes 

Example of wrongful use: 

  • Food, drinks or tobacco in the hot tub
  • Not to shower before getting in the hot tub
  • Not putting the lid back on after use
  • Breaking the lid by forcing it

The price of a water change is to cover the cost of staff, water removal and adding new water. Cleaning of the tub and heating. A water change also means the next guest won't be able to use the hot tub for the first 36 hours of their stay. It is also strenuous on the environment.

Since we can't predict when a water change will be needed, we can not guarantee that the Hot Tub is in use for the first 36 hours of your stay.